Tips to remember when looking for the right scaffolding for hire

Melbourne is a thriving cosmopolitan city, which is always at the forefront of style whether it be fashion, architecture or interior design.  Renovations and home projects are in full boom particularly after the success of The Block which showed that you can recreate rooms, increase square footage and create a new home without moving!

The right scaffolding can make the difference between a good building job and a great building job.  The right tools and equipment you use will always offer a more professional finish, stable footing and a more time efficient project.

Here are some quick and easy tips to remember when looking for the right scaffolding for hire or purchase.

Safety standards – You want to know that you or your builders are safe on any scaffolding platform.  It’s also wise to look at the safety standards for your state before undertaking any building project.

Scaffolding platforms – Scaffolding platforms can make a world of difference to your project.  They provide space to move and a solid footing while you work. A scaffolding platform is also a handy place to store tools and materials saving you valuable time in a hard working day running up and down scaffolding ladders fetching and carrying.

Time efficiencies – If you aren’t experienced in setting up scaffolding yourself then speak to the experts who can come and assemble your scaffolding for you whether you have purchased or hired saving you valuable man hours.

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Scaffolding usage and renting tips for construction agencies

For any kind of construction or building repair work, whether it is a house or commercial establishment, using specific accessories becomes a necessity for construction agencies. One such example is Scaffolding. It is required to give workers a workspace and elevated platform to perform repair and construct buildings with ease. A scaffold can be made of wood, bamboo, metal and composite materials depending on the need and kind of work. For a construction agency it is important to select right kind of material for repair and construction. Construction agencies usually get these materials on rent for use at client property locations.

A construction agency may opt for hanging, mobile or fixed scaffolding. Each type has some advantages depending on the setup it is used in. Mobile and hanging variants are ideal for usage in large and multi storied apartments where work needs to be done at various heights and the repair platform need to be lowered and raised from time to time. It would not be prudent to rent scaffold that is cheap and low quality. By doing so, you can put the safety of your staffs in jeopardy. You need to take time and analyze available options before renting these materials for work.

You can definitely search online for finding quality scaffolding for rent within your budget. Online you can compare various agencies that supply the materials and decide which one can fit your bill. It is better that you hire the materials from a regional agency otherwise you may have to pay extra for delivery and transport costs. Before your staffs can use scaffold for construction purposes, they need to be trained in safety measures to avoid accidents and ease workflow. Aspects like electrical equipment usage, load capacity, platform condition analysis should be imparted in training to avoid mishaps.

Scaffolding in Melbourne: Safety & Usage

Scaffolding in Melbourne offers a wide range of scaffolds that can be used to provide workers reliable support when working at very high above the round.  These are non-moving structures that remain at a place unless are dismantled for moving scaffolding to another spot, where continuation of the task is needed.

Amongst different variations in scaffolding in Melbourne, you can choose one according to the nature of the task at hand. Apart from fixed or non-moving scaffolds; there are wheels or rollers that don’t need to be disassembled prior to moving at a new place. Workers can move these structures without dismantling them and with the help of cables. These types of scaffolding have locking mechanism to facilitate the structure to be remained at the same place.

Various materials can be used to construct scaffolds. Aluminium scaffolds are one of them. Aluminium is a light weight and solid metal, and scaffolds made up of aluminium are easy to transport. So, jobs that need scaffolds keep moving prefer aluminium scaffolds rather than those made up of other materials. However, safety is a top concern in any task and sometimes heavy scaffolds are most appropriate choice for a specific job. If you are total at loss as what to prefer, it is advisable to consult a specialist in scaffolding. They will help you at other fronts too, such as scaffold, regularity, scaffolding parts and supplies, suppliers, and the model.

H-Frame, light and versatile, these are three varieties in scaffolding in Melbourne that can be used to perform a task successfully considering what type offers best protection to its users. Each type of scaffolds can create its own set of risks and providing a secure work environment is the first and foremost requirement of any job. It will always be appreciated if employers put emphasis on the use of right kind of scaffolds, also give workers training on its use. Besides, Melbourne scaffolding invokes for regular maintenance and time to time inspection of a scaffold in use to ensure they are working correctly and are safe to be used.

Why not try mobile scaffolding and be safe

Several types of scaffolding are used for various purposes! Generally, scaffolds are used in erecting structure or frames! Such frames are erected by intertwined tubular pipes in a geometric way. Scaffolding is necessary while constructing a site; without it lofty buildings fall into bad condition due to lack of maintenance. Scaffolding makes walkways safer; scaffolding is such an activity that has to be done cautiously with bearing vital aspects in mind.  Amongst all type of scaffoldings, mobile scaffolding is most widely used in different new scaffoldings. In mobile scaffolding various brackets are built on site for workers operation.

……..Three main reasons why people try portable scaffold – first is it is easy to install, second thing is – it is lighter and third one is it is cheaper than traditional scaffolding. Always consult an expert while hiring a scaffold; it is important to know some areas of safety. There are some mobile scaffolds which may not be able to get stable at three to one height ratio. Verifying documentation is required before your job of scaffolding starts:

–          Identifying the hazards

–          Assessment of risks

–          Controlling the risks

–          Complete method of using scaffold

Below are safety points that one should follow:

–          Approach an experienced person who can easily handle hazards

–          Use portable scaffold and mobile scaffolds on a hard surface

–          Take care when lifting scaffold, read erecting instructions carefully

–          Don’t move mobile scaffold with materials  and never climb on the outside

Lock wheels on mobile scaffolds to avoid hazards

Deciding Factors of Scaffolding for Your Project

As we head into winter most Tradie’s will be taking extra precautions to ensure that their jobs are completed safely and that all workers are getting the job done but in the safest way possible.  Our weather is ever changing in Sydney and one minute you have blue skies and the next the stormy rain and winds hit causing havoc for you and your building projects.

Using scaffolding instead of ladders and self-made climbing and balancing platforms is the best way to give you and workers peace of mind on a job.  Ladders slip and fall, Molly Meldrum is the perfect example of that and scaffolding can provide a more sturdy platform to work at height.

You can either hire or purchase scaffolding systems from scaffolding merchants and there are a few things you should think about before deciding which route to take:-

  • Knowledge.  Choose a hire or retail outlet that specializes in scaffolding.  They are likely to know exactly which scaffolding parts and sizes you need to get the job done efficiently without blowing your budget.
  • Safety.  A key factor when choosing a scaffolding company is safety.  Many accidents happen to workers at height and you want to eliminate risk.  A long established outlet means they have a strong reputation.
  • Expert Advice.  If you are confident in putting together scaffolding then hiring would be a cheaper option to get the job done and come in under budget.  However, the last thing you want to do is be wobbling and unstable working at height in the wind and rain.  If you aren’t sure make sure you get the experts to come in and install your scaffolding.

Following these steps and assessing the safety of your build particularly in the we windy and wild winter ahead will not only give you piece of mind but it will help you get the job done quicker and you can yourself and the boys back in the warm!

Scaffolding Ladder

Scaffolding ladders are a safe and secure way to work at height or to move from one scaffolding piece to another as a standalone item or as part of a full scaffolding project.  Safety is always a key factor when using any kind of scaffolding, ladder or construction equipment.  Here are three quick tips to keeping safe on a scaffolding ladder:-

  • Pump the Brakes!  The last thing you want is to have your ladder move while you are on it.  Make sure that if your ladder has castor breaks that they are set firmly.  If there are no brakes make sure there is a second person present who can hold the ladder steady.
  • Move safely.  Never move the ladder while you or anyone else is still on it.  All it takes is an unexpected bump, jolt or movement and it’s a long way to fall.
  • Attach Safely.  Ensure that if you are reaching up onto hire scaffolding that you are using the right scaffolding ladder.  Balancing a normal garden ladder up against the scaffolding means a moments distraction can mean the ladder can slip and an accident can easily occur.

Ask your local scaffolding supplier about the right way to use a scaffolding ladder and if it’s the right piece of equipment for your project.  They can advise what you need, what you don’t, and how to complete your job in the safest manner possible.

Implement An Appropriate Maintenance Plan By Purchasing Scaffold Planks

Scaffolds are the important equipments while working on building projects having high ceilings and walls. They are quite safe if properly built and maintained, so it is very important to follow suitable safety protocols while working on and around these structures or buildings. If you are searching for the materials to build a scaffold, then there are various suppliers who provide you scaffold planks.

Many builders even choose the option of buying used scaffold planks. It doesn’t matter if you are going to buy used or new scaffold planks; the important thing is to buy them from reputable sellers. It is also needed to ensure that the scaffold planks meet or exceed the OSHA standards.

Finding scaffold planks is just the first step in the process. After buying them, you have to make sure that they are appropriately stored in a well-ventilated, and dry area until you use them. The important thing to consider is that these planks are dry. They have to be stacked in bundles above the ground supported by stickers.

It happens that builders get quality planks for sale, but don’t have the time and put efforts to do proper care for them. It actually decreases the profit line because of the waste of components in the long run if they are unusable. Properly maintained planks may last up to many years without getting replaced. That’s why; it is needed to keep these planks dry.

Though majority of scaffold planks are of wood, but you can also get planks made up of steel and aluminum. These are stronger as compared to wooden planks, and can also hold more weight. The storage concern is not the factor while working with these boards. Both of the types come in the large number of sizes where the wooden scaffold planks being the cheapest.